Own factory:

◆     CNC machines: 20 Sets, with auto-feeding system

◆     Stamping machines: from 10T to 125T

◆     Threading machines: with auto-feeding system



◆     NUTS FORMER: 5 or 6 stations, from 14B to 41B, Taiwan Brand

◆     BOLTS FORMER: 3 sets, 6 stations, max. SW24mm & 100mm for length, Taiwan Brand

◆     Optical Sorting machine: Taiwan Brand


Dimensions( Caliper, Micrometer Caliper, height Caliper ., ect )

Thread ( Thread GO gauge, Thread NO-GO gauge, Thread pitch diameter Micrometer Caliper )

ZP thickness ( Portable ZP thickness test equipment

Mechanical Properties ( Hardness machine, Tensile machine )

Precision dimensions and shape tolerance test ( Projector )

Roughness measurement ( surface roughness measuring instrument )

Others( Tested in Third-party testing institution )